Field Skills

Have you ever been interested in getting outdoors and truly connecting with nature beyond what might be possible in your backyard or “car camping”? Spoke Hollow is pleased to offer Field Skill Foundations, an introduction to the basics of getting off the beaten path and connecting with the environment. To do this, we provide:

  1. A holistic introduction into the outdoors and the role you can play in conserving the natural environment

  2. A healthy, safe, and inclusive learning environment

  3. Outdoor safety

  4. Education on fundamental concepts related to camping, foraging, fire making and habitat management including but not limited to fish, plant and wildlife identification as well as water and habitat management

  5. Hard skills such as tent set-up, way finding, fire building, foraging and campsite management

  6. Education on how to continue to get in the outdoors and ways to get involved and be and advocate for conservation



Your fee includes:

  • Camping gear (can be provided upon request, though we suggest bringing your own to learn how to use it)
  • Mentor and instruction
  • All meals
  • Binoculars
  • Camp sites


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On this two day Field Skill Foundations program, hop into nature from the beginning. Your instructor will help you set up camp, including your tent if you need assistance. After camp is set up, the group will head out on a light hike and walk to gather resources for the evening, including firewood and herbs and spices to be discussed or included in dinner.

As the night approaches, learn how to make a fire and utilize some of the foraged plants to incorporate them into dinner. Sit around the campfire and discuss the outdoors and get connected with each other.

As the sun rises, grab a cup of coffee and locate your sit-spot. Sit here for 30 minutes or so and take in the world around you, what do you hear, what do you see and feel. Throughout the rest of the day, enjoy hikes, more foraging, flint mapping, or whatever outdoor exercise your guide brings your way.

As night approaches participate in the voluntary nighttime navigation exercise and find your way back to camp, or simply enjoy staring up at the stars. The next morning, enjoy some morning stretches, bird watching and more connection exercises with the outdoors.